[Keys 1 to 3 adjust the amount of screenshake, 4 turns it off]

300 years in the making and this legendary game is finally released!

Probably not recommended for Real Gamers™.

Made by me (Niko).


"I like lazer beam and screenshake. 10/10 would beam again" - a lasers and beams connoisseur.

"??????" - some person who's not into games.

"Sad but true story of gamer oppression. Thank u for that insightful documentary project." - Anonymous gamre.

"FEED ME" - my cat.

"Never heard of it" - Eurogamer.

Technical stuff: it should run in desktop Chrome, tell me how it runs in other browsers! Sound recommended, but don't turn it too loud. Press 4 to turn screenshake off.


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I disagree with the message entirely being a gamer as I am, but THIS GAME WAS AWSOME!!!!

Apparently it's about a certain subset of gamers (hence the TM), and thanks!

What does TM mean ?

Trademark. As in Gamers™. You know. The kind that think they are really an oppressed minority. I know, right?