To play this you need a mouse.

Fill the teacups before kitties break them! When you see a cat asking for tea, start pouring it by holding left mouse button above the cup. The goal is to score ten points.


murmurarium (Twitter, Tumblr)


“My Fat Cat” 
by Eric Matyas

Happy Ukulele 


Extra sound effects:


Browser version was tested in Chrome, if you find any issues feel free to message.

Special thanks to our cats Sonya and Marfa, and the rest of you (you know who you are!)

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(8 total ratings)
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Tags2D, Casual, Cats, Funny, Hand-drawn, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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wow fantastic, if there is a link for pay it , i'm ok !


well, there's a support button...

Deleted 31 days ago

It was adorable and awesome! I love it!


Very cute! Great style and it was fun getting the hang of it.  The mouse was a great reward at the end!


These cats are just trolling me. X3


Super cute, I love the faces the cats make pushing the cups off the table!


Very cute! I love the art style! ♡


jajaja I smile when the cats dropped the cups because they we angry jajaja